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Welcome to the CDavis Group


The basic premise is to decide to take responsibility for the safety of yourself and the people who depend on you. You must form your own personal self defense philosophy. You basically have to follow a logical evaluation of the world around you. This information is an overview to help you formulate a tactical defensive strategy for successfully defending yourself and loved ones. It is not designed to tell you everything you need to know. These pages will help you to research and develop your own personal plan for tactical self defense. Developing a proper mindset is critical for defending yourself and your loved ones.

1. Why worry about self defense?
Just read the newspaper and look for crime statistics. People are murdered, raped and robbed daily at home, work, supermarket etc. Part of this philosophy is understanding your enemy. As a law abiding citizen you are probably a person who tries to respect other people, is kind to your family, and obeys the law. You do not consciously look for trouble. I highly recommend Maassad Ayoop's excellent book, "THE TRUTH ABOUT SELF PROTECTION." He examines in depth self defense issues. Basically, you have to develop a mindset that recognizes that there are sub-humans who will slash your throat for your sneakers and not lose a moment of sleep. There are people on the street that look like you or me, but are psychopaths. They look at you as a source of food, money and goods. You are the 711 store for them. You need to develop a mindset that if you are faced with the threat of imminent lethal danger, you will defend yourself with every legal means available. I am not a lawyer but this is the concept as I understand it. If you reasonably feel that you are in imminent potentially deadly danger, then you have the right to employ lethal force to defend yourself. Ultimately, if you successfully defend yourself, a jury of 12 reasonable people will judge if you did the right thing.

2. Why not let the Police handle it?
The police do not have the manpower or the legal right to anticipate a crime. They can only do their best to catch a criminal after he has mugged, robbed, raped or killed you and/or your loved ones.

Defensive Cane
Defensive Cane 1 - I have studied various martial arts for many years. I have noticed too many self defense DVD's are created by martial artists for martial artists. If you haven't spent years studying martial arts, are getting older or haven't exercised for awhile, this DVD is for you. You will learn some easy self defense movements and techniques that will enable you to use your new Cane as a powerful self defense tool. You can combine these movements in multiple ways to create many powerful self defense techniques.. If you have ever played tennis, billiards, swung a baseball bat or for that mater gone dancing, you can learn these movements. Many cultures developed a powerful self defense system using Canes and sticks. From the Korean style of Hapkido Cane fighting, Philippine stick fighting to Irish Whiskey Stick Dancing, I have borrowed elements of these styles in a simplified system. You will learn blocking, striking and hooking techniques.

CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION! Defensive Cane 2 - Street Talk

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