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Security at home is an essential element of a self defense philosophy. Too many people install good locks and an alarm system after their home has been invaded and they have been robbed or worse. Taking charge of your own safety should be a multi faceted approach. You should not depend on any one element for your safety . If you ask an attorney, he will probably tell you that have more latitude in a home defense situation. This varies from state to state but most places have special laws covering home defense. They are based on English laws often called Castle laws which give you the right to defend with lethal force in certain situations. Please consult a lawyer for legal advice on this important element. First step would be to analyze your house for ease of forced entry. Improve lighting around access points. Cut shrubs around doors. Harden access through good locks, window locks/pins etc. Use the locks even when in the house. The police will usually evaluate your house for you and perhaps offer good advice. They also have programs to help you mark your goods. Alarms and stickers offer some protection as do dogs. Second step would be to formulate a good plan to defend against home invasion. At this point, it is assumed that you have evaluated self defense tools and practiced the skills to use them effectively. You might select a good safe room where family members would gather. An upstairs bedroom is excellent. A bed is an excellent barrier to assume the ensconced defender position. You should know where all your family members are and you should have your cell phone handy to call the police. When you call you should give a complete description of yourself and family members. Identify the problem to the police and explain your self defense tool(s). You could have a registered gun for example and the training to use it effectively. You should have an extra house key on a large key tag to throw to the police when they arrive. The best time to create this plan with the family is before a home invasion.

IMPORTANT, when the police arrive be sure to follow their directions exactly. They do not know that you are the good guy. Just remember that self defense should be a multi level program and you should not rely on one item. I have only scratched the surface on many of these issues but hopefully they will inspire you to research further.

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Defensive Cane 1 - I have studied various martial arts for many years. I have noticed too many self defense DVD's are created by martial artists for martial artists. If you haven't spent years studying martial arts, are getting older or haven't exercised for awhile, this DVD is for you. You will learn some easy self defense movements and techniques that will enable you to use your new Cane as a powerful self defense tool. You can combine these movements in multiple ways to create many powerful self defense techniques.. If you have ever played tennis, billiards, swung a baseball bat or for that mater gone dancing, you can learn these movements. Many cultures developed a powerful self defense system using Canes and sticks. From the Korean style of Hapkido Cane fighting, Philippine stick fighting to Irish Whiskey Stick Dancing, I have borrowed elements of these styles in a simplified system. You will learn blocking, striking and hooking techniques.

CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION! Defensive Cane 2 - Street Talk

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